Rules & Regulations

Mode of Conduct

  1. The tournament shall be played on league cum knock-out basis.
  2. The duration of matches will be 45-10-45 minutes.
  3. The additional time for substitutions, assessment of injury to players, wasting time and any others will be given at the discretion of the referee.
  4. In the league round, the winners will be decided through points (Win-3, Lose-0, & Draw-1) followed by counting of goals.
  5. In case a game remains draw (knock-out round) during the normal period, extra time of 15 -5-15 minutes will be played. And if the game remains draw even after the extra time, the match will be decided by the tie-breaker.
  6. In case of draws in tie-breaker then the match shall be decided by a sudden death shoot-out followed by coin toss.
  7. If any 2 or more Teams have scored the same number of points their position in the table shall be determined as per the “Section C-Premier League Season 2015/2016”.
  8. The following rule shall be used to decide the two or more teams with equal number of points to qualify for the knockout round of the tournament:
    • Goal Difference (GF & GA).
    • Goals For.
    • Head to Head Record
    • Number of cards (Red card – 3 points and Yellow card – 1 point)
    • Kicks from the penalty mark (Tie-break).

Reporting and Match Time

  1. Participating teams must report to the field 30 minutes before the kick-off time. Failing to report on time for the match shall be given 15 minutes from the kick-off time after which the game shall be declared walk over and opponent team gets 3-0 win.
  2. A match will not start if either team consists of less than seven players and team with full squad shall be declared winner with a score of 3-0.
  3. League round matches:

Reporting time: 3.30 PM
Kick-off time:   4.00 PM

  1. Knockout round matches:

Reporting time:  3.00 PM
Kick-off time:    3.30 PM

Safety & Dress Code

  1. The safety of the players is the first and foremost priority of the organizing committee. Therefore all the players must comply with safety regulations including health issues.
  2. All dresses must be uniform and distinctively numbered.
  3. The Team Managers and the substitutes in the technical area will have to wear contrasting dress code from either of the playing teams.
  4. Each player must enter the field in proper dress code (jersey, shorts, stockings, shinguards & footwear), failing which the match officials will not allow the player to enter the playground.
  5. Player shall not use any items/equipment or wear anything (braces, necklace, ear rings, etc.) which could be harmful to himself or another player in the field.
  6. In the case of similar jersey/uniform color, the captains will be called for a coin toss and the favoring team will decide who shall wear the bibs.
  7. Team captains shall wear a captain arm band throughout the match. If the captain is substituted then one of the players in the field will have to wear the captain arm band.

Number of Players

  1. Each team shall consist of 16 players including team manager (playing/non playing).
  2. Participating teams must submit the complete list of players (16) with copy of citizenship identity card on the first day of their match and no changes will be entertained thereafter.
  3. Fielding of national players and players from registered ‘A’ division clubs of Bhutan shall be limited to 2 in each team.
  4. Hiring of non-Bhutanese players will not be allowed in any team.


  1. All substitutes shall be allowed in the match and there will be no return substitution.
  2. The referee must be informed before substitution is made and the substitute only enters the field after receiving a signal from the referee.
  3. A substitution will be made only during a stoppage in play.
  4. Player(s) who have been sent off after receiving red card cannot be substituted.

Technical Area

  1. Only the team manager and the substitute players will be allowed to stay in the technical area.
  2. Only the team manager is authorized to convey tactical instructions from the technical area.
  3. If there are any occupants other than team manager and substitute players in the technical area then the team captain of the particular team will be issued a yellow card.
  4. Non-compliance with the clause F-3 will result in second yellow card and then removal from the particular match.
  5. If any of the manager and substitute player(s) in the technical area is found to breach any of the misconducts laid down in clause H, the penalties will be imposed by the referee in consultation with the fourth official.

Authority of Match Officials

  1. The match referee has the full authority to enforce the Laws of the Game in connection with the match he/she has been appointed.
  2. The decisions of the referee regarding facts connected with play, including whether or not a goal is scored and the result of the match, are final.
  3. The assistant referees also assist the referee in controlling the match in accordance with the Laws of the Game.
  4. The referee has the authority to take disciplinary sanctions from the moment he /she enters the field of play until he leaves the field of play after the final whistle.

Misconducts & Penalties

  1. Captains/managers must ensure that, the players are not intoxicated by alcohol or illegal substances, failing which the player(s) will not be allowed to play for that match.
  2. Man handling of match officials/players/public will be sent off (red card) and suspended from the tournament and no substitute player shall be allowed.
  3. A player sent off by referee for offences will be suspended for the next match.
  4. A yellow card is last warning against dangerous foul play/misbehave and charging officials/opponents. If repeated, the defaulter will be shown second yellow card followed by a red card and will be suspended for the next match.
  5. If a player misbehaves or conducts in a manner that is socially unacceptable in the public places will be issued yellow card and if repeated then he will be issued second yellow card followed by the red card and suspended for next match.
  6. If any player disregards their kits (e.g. shin guards) during the match, they will receive a yellow card.
  7. A player, substitute or substituted player who has been sent off must leave the vicinity of the field of play and the technical area.
  8. The yellow card or caution during the league round will be carried over to the knockout round.


  1. Referee’s decision is final and binding during the game. In case of disagreement between the referee and assistant referee(s) on certain decisions, referee’s decision shall prevail.
  2. If a match has to be abandoned or suspended as a result of walk out by a team, the team that walks out shall be considered as defeated and the defaulting team shall be removed from the tournament.
  3. If a match has to be abandoned or suspended as a result of public/spectators invading the field, the committee shall determine the decision. All decisions taken by the committee shall be final and no protest/appeal shall be entertained.
  4. If a match has to be abandoned or suspended due to natural calamities beyond the control of the organizers, the committee shall arrive at a decision and convey to the respective teams.

Prizes and Awards

  1. The winning team will be awarded cash prize of Nu. 70,000/- along with a rolling trophy and memento for each player.
  2. The runners-up team will be awarded cash prize of Nu. 35,000/- along with a trophy and memento for each player.
  3. The highest scorer will be awarded cash prize of Nu. 1,500/-.In case of the tie between multiple players, each player’s disciplinary record shall be looked at and the winning team gets the award.
  4. The above award and prizes are subject to change yearly depending upon availability of funds and participating teams.
  5. The rolling trophy must return to the organizers within 1 month from the final day of the tournament in good condition.
  6. If a team wins for 3 consecutive years, the team shall take away the rolling trophy.
  7. In the case of lost/stolen or damages to a rolling trophy, concern team shall bear the actual cost.


  1. No protest or appeal shall be lodged against the decision on points of facts taken by referee or assistant referee in the field of play.
  2. Medical emergency team will be available during the matches.
  3. Participating teams will be provided with a case of mineral water per match.
  4. Food/accommodation/transportation and other necessary things are to be all borne by the respective teams.
  5. If the team captain or manger of any participating team is absent during the managers meeting and fixture draw, this rule will be applied for all the teams which shall be informed through the representative(s).

All the matches shall be played in accordance with the “Laws of the Game” laid down by BFF, AFC and FIFA.

In the event, if any member(s) of my team fails to abide and comply with the above rules and regulations, we shall agree to any decision made by the organizing committee to uphold the best interest of the game.

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