Rules & Regulations

1. Name of the Tournament: JNEC Kangtse Kick-Off
2. Tournament Format:

✓ The tournament will follow a League cum Knockout structure.
✓ Each team will play once against all other teams in their group during the league stage.
✓ Scoring System:
➢ Winning Team: 3 points will be awarded.
➢ Losing Team: 0 points will be awarded.
➢ Tie (Draw): 1 point will be awarded to both teams.
✓ If a team withdraws or forfeits a match without valid reasons, the following consequences will be
applied during the group stage:
➢ The opposing team will be awarded 3 points for the match.
➢ The opposing team will be credited with 3 goals.
✓ After the league round, the top two teams from each group will qualify for the quarterfinals.
✓ The quarterfinals will have an interesting twist: the even-numbered group winners will face
the odd-numbered group runners-up, and vice versa.
❖ Match Durations:
✓ League Matches:
▪ 30 minutes of the first half.
▪ 10 minutes of break time.
▪ 35 minutes of the second half.
✓ Knockout Rounds:
▪ 45 minutes of the first half.
▪ 10 minutes of break time.
▪ 45 minutes of the second half.

❖ Match Schedule:
✓ Weekdays: One match per day.
✓ Weekends: Two matches per day.
❖ Tiebreakers:
✓ In case of a draw during knockout rounds, penalty kicks will determine the winners.

3. Player List and Division:

✓ Compile a complete list of players, including both college football team members and staff.
✓ Divide these players equally among the different teams based on their respective positions (e.g.,
forwards, midfielders, defenders, goalkeepers).

TOR of the Tournament

✓ Each team should have a maximum of two college players to maintain balance and
❖ Team Naming and Logo Design:
✓ After the player allocation, each team needs to choose a unique team name.
✓ Once the team’s name is decided, teams must design a team logo that has an adequate
relationship with the chosen name.

4. Eligibility of Players:

✓ Only registered students of the particular college are eligible to participate.
✓ The inclusion of alumni, staff, or individuals not registered as students in the team will result
in tournament termination, and the opponent will be declared the winner.
❖ Uniform Regulations:
✓ All teams must have the same design and color for their jerseys, shorts, and stockings throughout
the season.
✓ Players must write their real names on the back of the shirt (pet names are prohibited).
✓ The team’s name and sponsor’s name on the front of the jersey are optional.
✓ The captain’s armband is mandatory during matches.
✓ The team logo must be printed on the left side of the chest.

5. Entry Fees:
❖ The entry fee for participating teams will be Nu. 5,000/-.
❖ However, the champion team of the current season will not have to pay the entry fee in the
following season.

6. Prizes:
❖ Champion: The winning team will receive a cash prize of Nu. 60,000/-.
❖ First Runner-up: The second-place team will be awarded Nu. 40,000/-.
❖ Top Scorer: The player with the highest goal count will receive Nu. 3,000/-.
7. Standing Table Determination: The order of teams in the standing table will be determined by the
following criteria, in this order:
i. Points: Total points earned.
ii. Goal Differences: The difference between goals scored and goals conceded.
iii. Goals Scored: Total number of goals scored by the team.
iv. Goals Conceded: Total number of goals (Less) conceded by the team.
v. Cards: If needed, consider the number of yellow and red cards received by the team.
vi. Draw Lots: As a last resort, draw lots to break any remaining ties.

8. Penalty Rules:

✓ Teams will be obligated to pay a fine of Nu. 1000/- for the following offenses:
▪ Match Fixing: Any involvement in match-fixing activities.
▪ Swapping Players Without Organizer’s Knowledge: Unauthorized player substitutions
or transfers.
▪ Misconduct: Any inappropriate behavior on or around the field involving match
officials, team officials, opponents, teammates, or spectators.

✓ Depending on the severity of the offense, penalties may lead to team termination (Point #18).

9. Cautionary Guidelines:
✓ Player Resignation:
▪ Once the organizer announces the list of players, no player shall be allowed to voluntarily
resign from their team to join a different team of their choice during the tournament.
▪ If a player wishes to resign, they will not be allowed to participate in the current
✓ Eligibility:
▪ Students on suspension from college are not allowed to participate in a particular season.
▪ Back-semester students who have not registered in that semester are also ineligible.
✓ No External Players:
▪ No team shall be allowed to include any player(s) from outside the college.

10. Changing Room & Technical Area:

✓ Only team officials and registered players will be allowed to use the changing room and
technical area on their particular match day.
✓ Non-registered members are strictly prohibited from entering the designated areas.
✓ Teams are responsible for taking care of changing rooms, and any damaged property must be
repaired by the respective team.

11. Champion Recognition:

✓ The team that wins the season will be entitled to receive one star.
✓ Consecutively winning three seasons will be a remarkable achievement, and the team will be
rewarded with Nu. 15,000/- in cash as appreciation from the tournament.

12. Tournament Committee Members:
✓ The committee will comprise:
▪ Head
▪ Secretary

▪ Working members who are not involved in the tournament as players.

13. Withdrawal and Forfeiture:
If a team decides to withdraw from a scheduled match or gives up a game, especially after being eliminated
from the group stage or due to a lack of interest, the following rules will apply:
a. Notification:
• Teams are required to communicate any intention to withdraw or forfeit a match well in advance,
allowing organizers to manage schedules efficiently.
b. Consequences for Withdrawal or Forfeiture:
• A team that withdraws or forfeits a match without valid reasons may face penalties (Point #14),
including fines and potential disqualification from the current tournament.
• If a team decides not to participate in the remaining matches after being eliminated from the group
stage or expresses a lack of interest, they will be subject to the consequences outlined in this section.
c. Player Eligibility:
• Players belonging to a team that withdraws or forfeits without justifiable reasons may be ineligible
to participate in the subsequent season of the tournament.
d. Team Ineligibility for Next Season:
• The team itself, along with its players, may be barred from participating in the next season of the
tournament as a consequence of withdrawing or forfeiting matches without valid reasons.

14. Withdrawal:

✓ If a team wishes to withdraw from the tournament during the season, they must submit a written
✓ A penalty of Nu. 3,000/- will apply, and the entry fee will not be refunded.

15. Conditions Change Rule:
In the event of weather change conditions or unusual conflict preventing the start or continuation of a match, the
following guidelines will apply:
a) Referee Decision:
• The decision to start, suspend, or resume a match due to unusual conditions (like weather conditions)
rests with the match referee.
• If the referee considers that conditions pose a risk to the safety of the players or hinder fair play, they
have the authority to make decisions regarding the match status.
b) Match Suspension:
• If the referee decides to suspend the match in the middle of play due to weather conditions, the
match will be paused immediately.

• The decision to stop the match temporarily may be made to assess the feasibility of continuing the
c) Resumption Conditions:
• Resumption may occur on the same day, if conditions improve, or may be postponed to the next day
or a later date when feasible.
d) Continuation Guidelines:
• In the case of a match suspension, the referee will ensure that the match resumes from the point of
• The resumption will take place on the next available day or time without disrupting the schedule of
subsequent matches.
e) Notification:
• Participants will be promptly informed of any changes in the match schedule or resumption details.
• Organizers will make announcements to keep teams and spectators informed about the status of the
matches affected by such conditions.

16. Substitutions:

✓ All substitutions will be allowed during the particular match day, with no return substitutions.

17. Card System:

✓ Yellow Cards:
▪ During the league round, accumulating two yellow cards will be equivalent to receiving
a red card. This means that a player who accumulates two yellow cards will miss one
match, just like a red card penalty.
▪ In the knockout rounds, yellow cards will reset for each match.
✓ Red Cards:
▪ A player receiving a red card will miss one match as a consequence.

18. Termination Rules:

✓ Behavior Towards Match Officials:
▪ No team or players should physically or verbally threaten match officials during or
after a match based on the match result.
▪ Offenders will face suspension or termination, depending on the severity of their
actions towards team and match officials.
▪ Persistent threats to the organizer will result in tournament termination.
✓ Code of Conduct:
▪ Intoxication with alcohol and smoking are strictly prohibited during the tournament.

▪ Participants should not be involved in match-fixing activities.

19. Unspecified Matters:
In cases where specific scenarios are not explicitly addressed within this Tournament Organizing Rules (TOR),
the following procedures will be followed:
a) FIFA Rules:
• Matters not covered by the TOR will default to the rules and regulations established by FIFA, the
international governing body for football.
b) Tournament Committee Members’ Decision:
• Any unresolved issues or situations not covered by FIFA rules will be adjudicated by the
Tournament Committee Members.
• The decision of the Tournament Committee Members will be final and binding in such cases.
Remember, the key to a successful tournament lies in careful planning and ensuring that participants have a
memorable experience. Best of luck with the JNEC Kangtse Kick-Off!